Donna Yutzy: Jewelry Designer

Artist Statement

My excitement and passion for jewelry design started after I sold my retail store. Selling jewelry and art supplies had made a lasting impression. Beaded jewelry was my first attempt at designing jewelry. When I discovered Metal Clay, a moldable metal, I found I really enjoyed the ability to get rich textures and patterns and the freedom of expression from this wonderful medium.

Now I make all my jewelry from metal clay, a delightfully limitless medium that contains tiny particles of reclaimed silver and an organic binder, making this a very green product. Metal clay is fired in a kiln where the binder is burnt away and when finished you are left with only the silver. In my jewelry I use fine silver and sterling silver. To add color to my jewelry I use natural and faceted gemstones in a variety of earth tone colors. A splash of 24-k gold foil adds warmth and brightness. I polish and finish with freshwater pearls, natural gemstones or a simple sterling silver chain.

Bold Chain Collection

In my bold chain collection, you will find a variety of shapes and sizes. The challenge of building a chain out of Sterling Metal Clay is the ability to hide the seams when cutting and rejoining the links. The smallest links are the most difficult to build. My bold chains are simple and elegant and can be worn for work or play.

Hollow Forms, Boxes and Lidded Vessels

In this collection you will find a variety of 3D shapes. The 2 sided round lintel shape offers the ability to be worn either way. The rectangular and square shapes are a challenge to build with seamless joints of the side walls and matching textures. Lidded Vessels with a tight-fitting lid are made to hold a special keepsake. Whistles are a beautiful pendant with the benefits of sound.

Spirals and Sun

The pieces in this collection are inspired by the sun and the spiral shape. I love warm and sunny days. The sun brings me happiness, warmth, and energizes me. The spiral symbol is a very energetic symbol and inspires creativity. I am especially drawn to all the naturally formed spirals found in nature from the tiny fern frond to the many spirals in shells and on up to the large spiral of an elephant’s trunk. The sun and sky are my inspiration for my choices of stone colors.

Some Girls Jewelry can be worn to the office in the morning and out on the town in the evening. Some Girls Jewelry is designed for all who work hard and love to play hard. I exhibit and offer my jewelry for sale at galleries and art shows throughout the Northwest.